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Amongst the Warlpiri, women and men share many rituals, customs, Dreamings and practices involved in Yilpinji, Love Magic. This print shows women (U shapes) making, Majardi, Love Magic Hair Belts. Having fallen in love the girl goes to her female relatives and is instructed on how to attract her man as a lover. She weaves a belt while singing Yilpinji songs imbuing the belt with magic. When the man approaches she entices him with her charms until he comes under the influence of her allure. She reveals the belt as his ardour grows and persuades him to place the belt around her waist. As he does he falls under her spell and they go off together in to the long grass to make love. Once their love is consummated they walk off into the bush together as a couple. Together they eat bush plumbs and hunt for food. Other important Warlpiri, on learning of their tryst, follow them and confront them as a couple and also eat bush plumbs. In this way the group recognises their relationship and acknowledges that it is an appropriate match. They are now recognised as a couple.Christine Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, Flinders University            

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