Molly Napurrurla Tasman

Molly Tasman Napurrurla lives in Lajamunu and is a member of the Warlpiri language group. She began painting in 1986, producing works of mixed media painted on cardboard, and later using acrylics on canvas. Her art depicts Dreaming stories associated with her surrounding country, such as seed, marsupial mouse, tree, snake and wallaby, and the style of her work is close in origin to the designs applied on bodies during women’s rituals. She has exhibited throughout Australia, the USA and France.
Christine Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, Flinders University
Christine Nicholls is the author of ‘Yilpinji, Love Art & Ceremony’ which features Molly Tasman’s print ‘Wild Bush Plumb’ .
Subject & Themes
Marsupial mouse, tree, seed, snake, wallaby.
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
Group Exhibitions
1990, Paint Up Big: Warlpiri Women’s Art of Lajamanu, National Gallery of Victoria
1994, Yapakurlangu Wirrkardu, Batchelor College, Tennant Creek, NT
2003, Yilpinji, Love, Magic and Ceremony, Outback Gallery, Sydney
2003, Yilpinji, Love, Magic and Ceremony,Darwin Entertainment Centre Gallery, Darwin, NT
2003, Yilpinji, Love, Magic and Ceremony,Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Caruana, W., 1993, Aboriginal Art, Thames and Hudson, London.
Johnson, V., 1994, The Dictionary of Western Desert Artists, Craftsman House, East Roseville, New South Wales.

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