Thurau Nagai Mabaig


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This is my expression about a man who plays an important role for his people. He has no status, but a lot of lives are in his hands. He is one who spends most of his time on the high rocky point of the hill to look for rival warrior canoes and the interior tribes approaching their village for Head Hunting raids. When seeing them coming he would sound the alarm by blowing a trumpet shell to warn the village people so the women and children can run for cover, while the men would prepare for battle. When the wild bush turkey’s cry, and the half moon are hazy it is a sign of nature the head hunting raids are bound to happen. Even before canoes and warriors are seen, he could feel and see death coming. This person is called “Thurraw Naghai Mabaig” in the Western Torres Strait Island dialect, which is a language group of Kala Lagau Ya. It means a man who looks out for his people, as a spy on an observation post.

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