Gubau Zirul – Wind and Sunray


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Gubau Zirul – is the sun. This particular work is about Gubau Zirul. This work is about information which is special knowledge. When the sun falls, it goes down on the horizon of the sea level. It sinks into the sea and if it shines a ray to the left, only one ray and you can ask your friend which way the wind will blow tomorrow. You know they’ll scratch their head and say, “I don’t know.” Then you tell them, “Look at that sun. The ray it shines that way. The wind tomorrow morning, the breeze will be coming this way,” – where the one ray, shines only from the left, there are no other rays. Maybe a couple of days later or next week a ray will then only shine from the opposite side, the right ray, and no other rays. Then it will tell you the wind will be coming that way. So it’s good for sailing and people that you know, and if the sun lets go all the rays, there will be big wind tomorrow. It tells you the very big wind will come in the next couple of days – 35 knots – it’s in my work where I show all the different ray’s directions. If it’s shining this way, straight up with none on either side, the wind will come towards the island from the north-east, the rain will come direct. There are many ceremonial dances and songs associated with this event. It’s to do with those same rays.

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Dennis Nona

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Queensland College of Art Brisbane, QLD


David Jones




Torres Strait Islands