Daudai Dadagara Muingu Tu


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Medium: Lithograph
Edition Size: 10
Published: August 2012
Created: February 2012
Printer: Theo Tremblay
Studio: Editions Tremblay NFP Cairns, QLD
Image size: 710 x 1000
Paper size: 800 x 1200
Paper: Arches Velin
This print is about the important and long tradition of trading between Torres Strait Islanders and their Papuan New Guinea neighbours to the north.
The words in the title of the print are taken from a traditional song about what is depicted in the print.
Columns of smoke are seen rising from the villages along the PNG coastline. These were an aid to navigation and when the smoke combined with certain atmospheric conditions it caused a misty fog that was often observed when approaching the PNG mainland. This phenomenon is reflected in the soft tonal qualities of the print.
The Torres Strait islanders traded Kuik (skulls), Mai (pearl shell) and Kuls (stone) mainly for canoe hulls, which could not be sourced on the islands.
On the left of the print is a canoe is seen heading back to the islands and on the right two canoes approaching the PNG coastline.
Tips of canoe paddles are seen at the very bottom on the print.
The yellow and brown depict the silt carried down by the huge PNG rivers that colours the waters of the coastline. This fades into blue reflecting the clear waters further out to sea.
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