Grass Seed Dreaming – Ngurlu II



This story is for the Naparrula and Nakamarra women (aunts and nieces) and Jupurrurla and Jakamarra men (fathers and sons) skin groups. The painting tells the Jukurrpa or Dreaming story about the women following the tracks of the bush pigeon, Kurlukuku, in order to find and gather grass seeds. The pigeon gathers the seeds that have fallen to the groundwhile the women gather seeds from the long stems and use them to make damper. The seeds were collected in coolamons and taken home to be sorted ready for grinding. The ground seeds are then ready to be made in to damper. The elongated oval shapes in the centre of the print represent coolamons in which the women are collecting the stems andgrains. They also represent the dampers the women cook. Along the outside Rosie has depicted trees and clap sticks that are partially obscured by the design. These music sticks are used when Rosie singsand dances this particular Dreaming during ceremony. The song is sung by the men and the women. It is known to bring men and women closer as it ties in with the Majardi song cycle central to Warlpiri Yilpinji love magic. This Dreaming takes place near the Granites in the Tanami desert at a place called Miya Miya.

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Rosie Tasman

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