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Alick Tipoti, Piki, Torres Strait Islander art



Artist: Alick Tipoti

Region: Torres Strait Islands
Medium: Linocut
Image Size: 670 mm x 350 mm
Paper Size: 770 mm x 570 mm
Published: Cairns QLD
Edition Size: 70
Printer: Theo Tremblay
Studio: Editions Tremblay NFP, Cairns QLD

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Product Description

Piki means Dream. In this print I show the spirit of the figure sleeping waking up the sound of ‘Awar Palik’ (fingernail clicking). The large spiritual figure in the middle is a ‘Zugubau Mar’ (Zugub spririt). The sounds of fingernails clicking are heard before spirits approach you in a dream. In order for you to read and understand the languages of the spirits, you need to be spiritually connected to them. In this print I show faces from the ‘Zugubau Mar’ connecting to the spirit of the person sleeping. When dreaming of the spirits, there is always a good and a bad side to it. on the left side, the bad spirits are trying to pull the the soul of the person sleeping. In my culture the Augadh or totem protects you from the bad things. In this case the sleeping persons totem is the Umai (dog). The Umai shown above the sleeper barks at the bad spirits approaching, at the same time it warns and awakens his human counterpart.