Tjumpo Tjapanangka

Tjumpo Tjapanangka is a senior law man, Maparn (healer) and Aboriginal artist based in Balgo Hills . Incredibly fit and strong for his age, Tjumpo attributes this to his diet of bush food. He speaks adamantly of his childhood in the desert hunting for goanna, porcupine, wallaby, pussycat and the construction of spinifex and mud shelters for the wet season. He came to Balgo Hills as a result of the local priest, Father Alphonse, sending people out into the bush with supplies of flour, sugar and tea to attract Aboriginal people to the mission. Shortly afterwards, in 1948, a large group of people from the west, east, north and south came to live at the old mission at Tjumuntora.

Tjumpo Tjapanangka began painting in 1986, and being very sociable, loves to meander and chat between painting. His work resonates with power through the formal application of paint. An inventive painter, Tjumpo’s work has varied from monumental works incorporating contrasting visual motifs, to more tightly woven smaller pieces. He is a highly respected law man and is busy with ceremony across the entire central desert area during the law season.
Subject & Themes
Water, rainmaking, soaks, Wati Kutjarra (two men dreaming), Rainbow snakes, Bandicoot, flying ant, dingo spirit,kangaroo, Tingari
Gantner Myer Collection
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Art Gallery of Western Australia
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Ken Thompson and Pierre Marecaux Collection
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