Solomon Booth

I am from the “Kaurarag” tribe of Horn Island in the Torres Strait, but grew up in the Northern Territory. I went to primary school in Palmerton in Darwin. My secondary schooling was done at Shalom Christian College in Townville in Queensland. When I left school in 1998, after completing year 11, I worked at the Islander Board of Industrial Services store in Kubin, but I also kept up an interest in art and especially drawing. In 2000, Dennis Nona, knowing of my passion for drawing, encouraged me to leave IBIS and join the Mualgau Minaral Artists group in Kubin. Under the leadership of Dennis and the other established Artists, David Bosun, Billy Missi and Victor Motlop, I was introduced to lino printing. I enjoy being able to translate the traditional and cultural stories of the Torres Strait into this medium.
Subject & Themes
Melanesian influence. He is inspired by coastal life and family traditions and local customs, mythology and stories.
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Group Exhibitions
2002 Zugu Bau Thi Thuil – Seven Stars, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, Vic.

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