Ronnie Jakamarra Lawson

Ronnie Jakamarra Lawson was born in the bush at Rilyi-rilyi around 1930.
He combined a careful dotting technique with firm clear colours and simple, elegant lines and circles. His paintings and prints have simple titles such as Bush Bean, Water, Bush Onion, Men. They have their genesis in the traditions of the Walpiri people of Lajamanu and the north Tanami Desert. Ronnie was a teacher and custodian of the ceremonies: the dances, songs and designs of the Walpiri. These are ancient. In his canvases they seem powerful and concentrated.
“My Dreaming is my painting. I can only do paintings from the Jakamarra and Jupurrula, that’s the right skin. If other men take these paintings or my ceremony there’ll be big trouble. They’s my Dreamings from my father; the same way I can’t use anyone else’s Dreamings or ceremonies …”
“My paintings are important, we do not take these paintings as fun, that’s our business, Blackfella law really important, that’s why we paint. “They tell my life, my story, my family story, they keep that story alive. That story will not finish – my son will take him …”
Ronnie Jakamarra Lawson.
The artist passed away in 2102

Subject & Themes
Bush onion- janmarda, women- Karnta, pituri- bush “tobacco”, mens story.
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.
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National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth.
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