Jones Holroyd

Pormpuraaw is an Aboriginal community located 680 kilometres from Cairns on the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula. Two groups of Aboriginal people live in Pormpuraaw. The Thaayorre people, who originated from the area to the south that included the Coleman River and a second group known as the Mungkan people who are from the area to the north and north east that includes the Edward, Kendall and Holroyd Rivers.
The Art Centre was established in 2005 with the encouragement of the Elders from the two language groups and the first Art Centre manager, Irma Ashwin.
The Centre facilitates the production of traditional and contemporary art that is unique to the community. Its role is also to document and preserve artworks, and language, dance, songs and other aspects of traditional culture.
Group Exhibitions
2011 A New Beginning, Australian Art Network Galleries at Canopy Artspace, Cairns Qld.

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