Eva Nargoodah

I was born on Christmas Creek Station and grew up with my parents until the age of six. My dad was a stockman and my mother worked in the house. I was taken away to GoGo Station where my great-grandmother lived. We moved there with the manager from Christmas Creek. His name was Vic Johns. At GoGo Station my father worked at the stock camp again and my mother in the house.

Next we shifted to Cherrabun Station where I went to school in 1965 at the men’s quarter. I moved to many different places. From Cherrubun we went back to Christmas Creek. I did my next years at school in Derby and worked at Christmas Creek School as a teacher. In 1984 I was married. I have nine children and nine grandchildren.

I started painting after my kids grew up. I paint my grandmother’s country and what she has taught me. I paint my style of seasons, bush tucker paintings and my childhood memories of winter rains and cold weather.

Today I live at Jimbalakudunj Community, 120 km southwest of Fitzroy Crossing.

Subject & Themes
Seasons and mungarri (food).
Flowers from each season which tell us what is ripe and what to collect
National Gallery of Victoria
Fitzroy Crossing High School
Group Exhibitions
2008 Fitzroy Valley Learning Centre – painting on canvas, perforated metal screen design
2008 Fitzroy Valley Education Centre – small canvases project Fitzroy Crossing Hospital

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