Daniel Geia

Daniel Geia grew up on Palm Island, a former reserve that is now home to many aboriginal and Islander people who were removed from their traditional land. He identifies with the Bwgcolman group and has family links with people on Moa Island in the Torres Strait and the Kalkadoon people of Western Queensland. Daniel’s symbol of light is incorporated in the Shadows in the Dust logo:

The sun gives light during the day and the moon give light at night. If anyone sees that light symbol they know I did it. The figures represent me. I am a Torres Strait Islander and Aborigine. I want to show that.

As well as the Shadows in the Dust national tour, Daniel has exhibited in Brisbane and Cairns and his work is represented at the Australian Museum.
Group Exhibitions
1993, Time and Tide, Adelaide Festival Centre Foyer, Adelaide, and touring
Aird, M.,1993, Campfire Consultancy, Queensland
Shadows in the Dust, 1996. Exhibition Catalogue, Wild Pony Pty Ltd.

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