The Australian Art Network specialises in high quality contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander limited edition prints, paintings and sculptures by established and mid-career artists.

Browse our website to view over 400 works and biographies of the artists who created them. See how the imagery differs from region to region. Read about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, the history of indigenous printmaking, printmaking terms and techniques and how to care, frame, collect and invest in prints. Look through our range of indigenous art books and exhibition catalogues.

Australian Art Network (previously known as The Australian Art Print Network) was established in 1996 with the aim of creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to work in the medium of fine art printmaking and develop a market locally and internationally for their prints.

As some of these artists embraced other media, the Network expanded its focus from just prints into paintings and sculptures.

In recent years the Network has been working closely with artists from Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands. It acts as the agent for the high profile, Torres Strait Islander artists, Dennis Nona, Alick Tipoti, Ken Thaiday Snr. and Segar Passi.

The Australian Art Network was a foundation member of the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association and is a member of the Indigenous Art Code.

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