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Dennis Nona, Yellub A Ngau Unai II, Torres Strait Islander art

Yellub A Ngau Unai II


Artist: Dennis Nona

Region: Torres Strait Islands
Medium: Linocut
Image Size: 460mm x 620mm
Paper Size: 525mm x 760mm
Published: Moa Island Qld. 2001
Edition Size: Publishers Proof (one only)
Printer: Dennis Nona
Studio: Moalgau Minneral Art Centre, Moa Island

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Product Description

This is a trial proof from a lino block that was later editioned in another state. As such it is unique and eminently collectable.

Yellub lived in a place called Palga on the northern side of Moa Island. His village was known as Raramai. Yellub had a dog. Each day Yellub and his dog would set off on a journey to spear fish. They walked along the shores from Gerain, Totalai, PurBurr, Gud, Segan and the Pubi and Boegain. This happened daily, Yellub always took his dog with him until one day Yellub got up early and set off while his dog was sleeping. When his dog awakened, he started looking for Yellub. Yellub cooked all the fish and fed it to the dog first. Then the village people told Yellub that the dog was actually talking against him about not feeding him with fish but giving him bones instead. From that time on Yellub and his dog had a good relationship. He treated his dog fairly and they both shared their meals together. Dogs protect us in our everyday living and help in our survival. They hunt pigs, bandicoots and other wild animals that are edible.