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Dennis Nona, Gapu Dhangal II, Torres Strait Islander art

Gapu Dhangal II


Artist: Dennis Nona

Region: Torres Strait Islands
Medium: Etching
Image Size: 180mm x 610mm
Paper Size: 570mm x 760mm
Year: 2004
Edition Size: Publishers Proof (one only)
Studio: Griffith University Print Studio, Brisbane Qld

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Product Description

This is a one off trial proof of an etching plate that was later editioned in another state. As such it is unique and eminently collectable.

Gapu Dhangal means Sucker Fish and Dugong in western Torres Strait language. This is one of the traditional ways of hunting for dugongs in the western Torres Strait Islands. A rope made out of coconut fibres is tied to the Sucker Fish and then released into the water where the hunters know the Dugong are feeding. The Sucker Fish attaches itself to the Dugong, and then the hunters follow the Dugong until it is weak and finally the hunters harpoon it.