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Yolngu Shelter (State I)


Artist: Andrew Margalulu

Region: Arnhem Land
Medium: Lithograph
Image Size: 445 mm x 590 mm
Paper Size: 560 mm x 760 mm
Published: Editions Tremblay Canberra NSW October 1997
Edition Size: 49
Printer: Theo Tremblay
Studio: Editions Tremblay NFP, Bungendore NSW

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Product Description

Yolngu people (traditional people from Arnhem Land) make shelter out of forked poles which suspend a living platform above the ground. Traditionally these shelters are covered with bark slabs, however, today canvas or tarpaulins are often strung up to give shelter from the rain. These shelters are to be found on outstations in the clan lands all over Arnhem land. Here a Yolngu family take shelter with their dog while the fire warms them. The goanna represents the food they will cook on the fire. The ever present mosquitoes that are so much a part of Yolngu life gather around them. The bugs are kept away by the smoke that rises into the shelter from the low fire underneath the hut.