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Elizabeth Nyumi, Kantil - KantilI, Aboriginal art

Kantil – Kantil


Artist: Elizabeth Nyumi

Region: Central Desert
Medium: Screenprint
Image Size: 335 mm x 500 mm
Paper Size: 560 mm x 760 mm
Published: Bungendore, NSW June 2003
Edition Size: 99
Printer: Theo Tremblay
Studio: Editions Tremblay NFP, Bungendore NSW

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Product Description

Elizabeth, when asked about Love/Magic, depicted her father’s country known as Parwalla. It is located far to the south of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert, west of the community of Kiwirrkurra. The landscape of the area is dominated by tali or sand hills. Parwalla is swampy, filling a huge area with water after the wet season rain. These wet season rains result in an abundance of good bush tucker. Depicted here is kantjilyi, or bush raisin surrounded by tali or sand hills. Both men and women collect bush raisins with each other. It is an activity said to bring men and women together. The bush raisin is high in protein and is thought to have beneficial healing properties for women’s complaints.