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Dennis Nona, Gabau Giralal - Wind clouds, Torres Strait Islander art

Gabau Giralal – Wind clouds


Artist: Dennis Nona

Region: Torres Strait Islands
Medium: Etching
Image Size: 800 mm x 400 mm
Paper Size: 1000 mm x 490 mm
Published: Brisbane, QLD, April 2006
Edition Size: 45
Printer: David Jones
Studio: Queensland College of Art Brisbane, QLD

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Product Description

Gabu Giralal is referring to cloud and weather patterns. It is when the clouds are long. You can see they look like straws, the kind of noodle looking ones, up in the sky. During calm weather you will see those clouds – they suddenly form in those lines. That tells you the big wind is coming in about 2-3 days time. When you are out on a little island camping, you must look up at some of the clouds. They will change and that will tell you that there’s rough weather coming and you can make your way back to the island or prepare yourself for rough weather just by looking at those clouds that will form during calm weather.