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Arone Meeks, 'Forces of Nature' Cyclone Series, Aboriginal art

‘Forces of Nature’ Cyclone Series


Artist: Arone Meeks

Region: Urban
Medium: Monoprint
Image Size: 805 mm x 605 mm
Paper Size: 805 mm x 605 mm
Published: November 2010

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Product Description

This body of work was produced during the build up to the big floods in Brisbane and titled after Cyclone “Yasi” hit the far north of Queensland.

The three central themes behind these works are that of human connection, relationship to place and the nature of the envirinment. Concurrent and important sub-themes which overlapped into this workshop, with master printmaker Theo Tremblay, were issues relating to World Aids Day and domestic violence – two visual campaigns on issues directly affecting Indigenous communities.

Key elements, for this effect, are references to Keith Haring in his “Silence = Death” poster and , for domestic violence, that of the Mouth/Hand/Heart – three motifs which follow each other in the chain of violence, yet work equally in restoring/repairing relationships.

In some of the works a boat contains interlocking plants, like couples travelling the same journey. Other images are mangrove branches, Torres Strait Island pigeons, Irrukandji jellyfish and mangrove figures. These images have become both personal and geographical location markers relating to our place in Tropical North Queensland.

I believe the choice of colours used in this series represents zest, renewel and a youthful and positive outlook to the future. It is hoped that the response to these monoprints has an impact on both indigenous and non indigenous communities.

Arone Meeks