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Painting The Song - Kaltjiti Artists of The Sand Dune Country, Aboriginal art book, Aboriginal art

Painting The Song – Kaltjiti Artists of The Sand Dune Country


Book Condition: New
Size: 280mm x 220mm
Published By: McCulloch & McCulloch 2009
ISBN: 9.78098E+12
Number of Pages: 172

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The long awaited book, Painting the Song: Kaltjiti artists of the sand dune country by Diana James was launched on 22 April 2009 in Adelaide. The book is a historical overview of the Kaltjiti Arts Centre and the artwork produced there over the years. It traces the changes in indigenous culture through an exploration of song, dance and art. Diana, who is fluent in Pitjantjatjara, has spent many years working in the APY region and has developed strong bonds with the communities and people of these lands. The book is a result of these close relationships and an insight into their culture.