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Curtis Jampijinpa Fry, Yankirri Jukurrpa - Emu Dreaming - Ngarlikurlangu, Aboriginal art

Yankirri Jukurrpa – Emu Dreaming – Ngarlikurlangu


Artist: Curtis Jampijinpa Fry

Region: Central Desert
Medium: Acrylics on Unstretched Canvas
Year: 2014
Size: 610mm x 610mm

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This particular site of the Yankirri Jukurrpa, (emu Dreaming
[Dromaius novaehollandiae]) is at Ngarlikurlangu, north of
Yuendumu. The ‘yankirri’ travelled to the rockhole at
Ngarlikurlangu to find water. This Jukurrpa story belongs to
Jangala/Jampijinpa men and Nangala/Nampijinpa women.
In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography
is used to represent the Jukurrpa, associated sites and
other elements. Emus are usually represented by their
‘wirliya’ (footprints), arrow-like shapes that show them
walking around Ngarlikurlangu eating ‘yakajirri’ (bush raisin
[Solanum centrale]). In the time of the Jukurrpa there was a
fight at Ngarlikiurlangu between a ‘yankirri’ ancestor and
Wardilyka (Australian bustard [Ardeos australis])
ancestors over sharing the ‘yakajirri’. There is also a dance
for this Jukurrpa that is performed during initiation